A Surfer’s Search for Spirituality in Byron Bay

When I arrived at Byron Bay in 1998 I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the region. Several months later I began my Byron book research and spirituality superseded all other topics.

In 2011, a few months after the successful launch of ‘Byron Bay the History, Beauty and Spirit’, I began writing ‘A Surfer’s Search for Spirituality in Byron Bay’. The story conceived on Tallow Beach around 1999, though the words were not forthcoming for many years.

Much like the Byron book does with history, the Surfer’s Search’ traces the past 24 years of findings and outcomes within spirituality. This is a true-life story, 11 years in the making, of one man’s journey through spirituality.

Sorry, I need more time to finalise the story and resources to print. Please return for updates.