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  1. Hi Peter,
    Just checked out your site and downloaded your eBook. Love the cover! And the photos. Look forward to reading the text.
    Nice meeting you today at Currumbin.
    (2006 Merc Sprinter van)

    PS…. As an editor, I do a section of a client’s book free of charge for them to see the difference, before they decide. Then email each chapter with invoice, so the client can stop at any time with no commitment or contract. I charge per word, ranging from 1c to 10c pw, depending on the amount of work and research required.

    You may like to check out Swag Books to see the 4 surf books I have co-written & edited – by Chris Gudenswager (So, You Wanna Be a Surfer / The Smooth and Radical Keith Paul / Does The Ocean Love You Back – Vol 1&2)

    1. Hi Alise, sorry im slow to reply. I haven’t ever used this email response before from my webbsite. I bought a sprinter 2006. It’s going great. The inside needs some work…
      My latest book is being proof from tmw. I’m bypassing editorial due to nature of the story. Glad you enjoyed the byron book. Hope all’s well,

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